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CETEC has more than 25 years of experience in the footwear and plastics areas. We offer technological services and R&D solutions, promoting innovation and technology transfer to the industry.

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Our services

Project management

At CETEC we can advise you on how to prepare your R&D projects with the aim of obtaining the best possible regional, national or European funding

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We have wide experience in some top-notch research themes:

  • Formulation and compounding of plastics and bioplastics.
  • Plastics transformation processes.
  • Circular-by-design of plastics compounds.
  • Recyclability and biodegradation studies.
  • Biosynthesis of biodegradable & biobased biopolymers (PHAs).
  • Valorisation of agri-food industry waste as raw materials for biotechnological processes.

We have wide experience submitting and executing European and National Projects, looking for, managing and coordinating partnerships, financing and justifications.


We are a technological center that works as non profit association. Our main objective is to conduct research activities and development in the plastics and footwear areas.

At CETEC we work at the service of companies, from materials manufacturers to converters, recyclers and end users, providing technological solutions and supporting them to achieve high materials performance and sustainability.

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