About us

CETEC is a non-profit association, whose main objective is to conduct research activities and development.

At CETEC we work at the service of companies, keeping our training up to date in order to offer the best solutions.

Our mission

CETEC was born as a business society to provide coverage to professionals in the footwear sector, raising their expertise towards plastic later and reaching biotechnology in recent years. Throughout this time, our mission has always been the same: to assist in research and provide innovative resources to companies and entities that require expert vision to develop new technology and better solutions.

Our compromise

At CETEC we are committed to the companies and entities that use our services and expertise. We work hand in hand with our partners and clients to offer tailor-made solutions, with dedication and care, to obtain the best results and meet the standards of rigour, innovation and efficiency that they need.

Our Expertise

Our experience drives us through the pathway of innovation. In CETEC, our experts have more than two decades of developing top-notch plastics and material science, footwear, processing and sustainability.

Our services

Our services

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