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Joining CETEC brings several advantages for companies: discounts on all our services, priorities and technical advice, among others.


Partners are first in line for inclusion in the funding opportunities to which CETEC has access. Technical reports for partners are urgent for us and have priority over the rest.

Information: members receive information on all the activities undertaken by the Centre, both those of a technological nature and those referring to sectorial or common legislation.

Laboratory Fees: Special prices for members for all the laboratory tests and analyses included in our catalog of services. Priority in the realization of the same, with the aim of minimizing the delivery time of these reports.

Members are given preference when it comes to technical queries, sometimes free of charge. Advice on applying for grants and subsidies from the Public Administration.


In addition to all these advantages, we have to add the possibility for member companies to participate in the election of representatives to the centre’s governing bodies, both as voters and as eligible candidates.

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Ana Belen Moreno: [email protected]

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