Plastics Laboratory

CETEC has a complete laboratory for the characterization, quality control and analysis of plastics, bioplastics and elastomers.

Plastics laboratory services

At CETEC we provide a wide open offer of service to determine and characterize all sorts of plastics. What do you need?

At CETEC we provide with a wide open offer of service to determine and characterize all sorts of plastics. What do you need?

Plastic and Rubber Characterization lab

We are experts in materials characterization. CETEC has a specialized laboratory able to provide a wide kind of services:

Machining of test pieces

Customized machining of specimens from finished products or raw materials.

Rheological properties

The rheological behaviour of polymeric materials is a crucial characteristic of their processability. At CETEC, we can analyse  the rheological properties by:

  • Extrusion Platometer
    Melt mass flow rate (MFR) and Melt volume flow rate (MVR).
  • Viscometry and rheometry
    Frequency, torque, angular velocity, force

Thermal properties

At CETEC we have the required equipment to develop a complete thermal analysis of plastic materials:

  • Melt temperature
  • Glass transition temperature
  • Crystallisation temperature
  • Thermal stability

Physico-chemical properties

  • Determination of density and hardness of plastics and rubbers
  • Abrasion resistance tests
  • Oxidation induction time tests
  • Oxygen permeability tests
  • Determination of moisture content in plastics
  • Resistance to stress cracking
  • Charpy-Izod impact determination

Mechanical properties

At CETEC, we can determine the mechanical properties of plastic materials by Universal Testing Machine, including analysis of tensile and compression properties.

  • Tensile effort
  • Deformation properties
  • Young module
  • Determination of flexural properties

Optical properties

At CETEC, we can determine the optical properties of the materials, including:

  • Haze and UV-Visible light transmission measured by spectroscopy
    They are relevant characteristics for specific applications such as agricultural films and packaging.
  • Thermicity measured by infrared spectroscopy
    It determines the capacity to retain heat. It is an important characteristic in agricultural films.
  • Colour and gloss

Materials identification

We can characterize the plastics’ material composition by identifying the polymers and the content of the inorganic additives:

  • Identify the nature of plastic materials in multilayer sheets
  • Identification of additives in plastic materials
  • Determination of contamination of polypropylene in polyethylene
  • Determination of thermicity in agricultural greenhouse, by FTIR
  • Thermogravimetric determination of Carbon Black
  • Thermogravimetric determination of Fibreglass
  • Thermogravimetric determination of Inorganic additives in plastics
  • Thermogravimetric determination of Ashes in recycling
  • Thermogravimetric determination of Vinyl acetate content in EVA copolymers
  • Determination of heavy metals concentration

Characterization equipment

Migration tests

According to Regulation (EU) 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, it is necessary to carry out a characterization of the migration of chemicals from the plastic to the food with which it will be in contact. 

Global migration control is focused on verifying the inertness of the material and specific migration control to rule out toxicity problems associated with specific substances.

At CETEC we provide the plastic migration analysis service to check the safety of the use of the material for the agrifood and food industry among others uses.

Migration tests services

Biodegradation and compostability

The biodegradation and compostability service allows for determining the capacity and degree of degradation of a plastic material. Biodegradability is the ability of organic substances and materials to be broken down into simpler substances through the action of enzymes from microorganisms. If this process is complete, the initial organic substances are entirely converted into simple inorganic molecules such as water, carbon dioxide and methane. At CETEC we determine this by measuring the production of carbon dioxide by the sample with the respirometer.

Biodegradation & Compostability equipment

Biodegradation & compostability tests

At CETEC we provide  compostability studies in accordance with the following standards:

  • UNE-EN 14995
    Plastics. Evaluation of compostability. Test program and specifications
  • UNE-EN ISO 17556
    Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability in the soil by measuring the oxygen demand in a respirometer or by the amount of carbon dioxide generated
  • UNE-EN ISO 14855
    Determination of the final aerobic biodegradability and disintegration of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions. Method according to the analysis of carbon dioxide generated
  • UNE-EN ISO 20200
    Determination of the degree of disintegration of materials plastics under simulated composting conditions in a laboratory test
  • UNE-EN 13432
    Containers and packaging. Requirements for containers and packaging that can be recovered through composting and biodegradation. Test program and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of the container or packaging

More plastics services

Aging studies

At CETEC we provide accelerated aging tests against the action of sunlight and other elements that can damage the material. For this, we carry out simulation tests which are intended to simulate in an accelerated manner the exposure to radiation, heat and other elements, following the needs required by current regulations.

Chlorine & Sulphur Analysis

We provide with analysis of the total halogen content by oxidative pyrolysis and coulometry detection in plastics. This is applied in the quantification of chlorine and sulfur in agricultural compounds or additives that contain halogens.

Do you need anything else?

Do you need to perform a specific laboratory test? Do you want us to help you with the necessary technical tests for your project or product? At CETEC we advise you to obtain the results you need. We can carry out many more tests than those listed here. Check your needs, and we will provide you with the solution that best suits your requirements.

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