Sustainability & Circularity

Sustainability & Circularity

In CETEC one of our main objectives is to work looking for new and better solutions to reach sustainability & circularity in plastics and transformation processes.

CETEC's sustainability and circularity research lines

Rubber treatmentRubber treatment


Compostability and degradabilityCompostability and degradability




waste laboratorywaste laboratory


Success cases

Among the most successful projects developed by CETEC are those dedicated to the valorisation of residues, upcycling and the development of techniques and materials that allow a more sustainable evolution within the industry.

Safe and sustainable plastics materials development

CETEC is committed to the development of safe and sustainable materials through specific research lines:

Related Projects

Mechanical Recycling

CETEC works in the development of processable and high-quality recycled plastic compounds. We develop specific compatibilisation strategies, including formulation studies and extrusion processes.

Biotechnological Recycling

At CETEC, we study biotechnological solutions for the recycling, degradation and biotransformation of plastic residues.

Related Projects

Compostability and biodegradation studies

CETEC develops industrial and home compostability studies as well as biodegradation studies in relevant environments (soil, freshwater, marine environment).

Compostability and degradability

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