Technical Advice

We can help you get the best project results.

At CETEC, we can advise you on processes, materials and product improvement. We can also help you to comply with legislation, quality and product standards, advise you on cost-saving plans and carry out expert opinions.

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We can assess your company regarding the integration of a safe and sustainable design approach in your materials formulations and processes.

We offer our assessment for the development of new thermoplastics and rubber materials or the improvement of your current formulations. 

We provide Technical support in the plastic transformation processes, their optimisation and the design of new products.

We can assess your company about the legislation related to the plastics materials area and the standards that your products need to accomplish.

We help your company to solve potential conflicts with suppliers or customers, or as a part of legal proceedings.

Technical advice in Sustainability & Circularity

Do you want to develop safe and sustainable materials and processes? Do you know the regulations and the way that they are applied? We can help you.

Fuensanta Monzó: [email protected]

Technical advice in Advanced Materials

If you need to improve your plastic materials properties or develop new ones, we are at your side to help you on the way to success.

Ask us how we can help.

Alejandro Arribas: [email protected]

Funding advice

Which funding lines are available for your project? What do you need to get the proper grant for it? Is there any potential opportunity to get new funding?

Let us know, and we will help you to answer these questions.

Jose Antonio Plaza: [email protected]

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