Agro 2 Circular will participate in the next The Festival of the New European Bauhaus in Brussels

This fair that brings together science and art from all over Europe, brings the European Green Deal within everyone’s reach. “The Festival brings together people from all walks of life to discuss and shape our future. A future that is sustainable, inclusive and beautiful. It is a great opportunity to network, exchange and celebrate, from science to art, from design to politics, from architecture to technology.”

The A2C project, whose objective is to revalue waste from the agricultural sector, betting on sustainability and the circular economy, will present its objectives, results and possibilities through the Festival.

The hidden value of waste from the agri-food sector

A2C is a project whose objective is to promote the upcycling of agri-food waste through innovative recovery routes, which lead to high extraction yields, bioactives with the necessary purity and stability to be used in the production of new foods, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. formulation.

MPF Recycling is a novel combination of sorting, physical delamination, enzymatic depolymerization, decontamination and mechanical recycling. The entire process, and its products, will be traceable through an innovative ICT platform that will function as a predictive tool to support decision-making.

The A2C approach will be tested in the Region of Murcia and replicated in two other EU countries (Italy and Lithuania), supported by a circular business model and strong public participation and co-creation processes, maximizing replicability and scalability.

As a project born in an environment of revaluation of waste and technology for its recovery, A2C will participate in the Festival, “a moment of celebration that brings together culture, art and coexistence, celebrating freedom of expression with radical, innovative and disruptive”.

This consists of a cultural program with performances organized in the main venues of the Festival and throughout Brussels, together with opportunities to meet, interact and exchange ideas. The Fest also offers satellite events, which are independently organized initiatives in Belgium and others EU Member States, and in which CETEC will participate as part of the project.

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