Agro2Circular Project in the Biowaste Clubs of Murcia

On 26 April, the fourth meeting of the Biowaste Club o was held in Murcia, Spain, an open space to facilitate dialogue between multiple voices and shape new strategies to implement the circular bioeconomy in the city of Murcia as part of the European project Hoop coordinated by the Technological Centre for the Environment of the Region of Murcia (CETENMA). The event counted, during its conceptualisation and development,  with the special participation of the European project Agro2Circular coordinated by the Technological Centre of Footwear and Plastics of the Region of Murcia (CETEC). The meeting was attended by representatives of companies, universities, associations and technology centres of the Region of Murcia; Instituto de Fomento, UPCT, Centro Tecnológico de la Conserva, Proexport, Solplast, GWCPlastics, Mocitos, Kveloce and Science for Change. The meeting served to identify the challenges and barriers for the implementation of the Circular Economy and  highlighted the importance of collaboration and synergy between different actors and the need for development and improvement of cutting edge technologies.


Sustainability, Circularity and Footwear R&D Responsible

Fuensanta Monzó Sánchez

[email protected]

Fuensanta holds a degree in Chemical Sciences and a PhD in Industrial Technologies. She is an Expert in Plastics and Rubber. She has worked at CETEC for over 20 years as the Plastics Laboratory Responsible. Since 2016, she is the R&D Responsible related to Plastics & footwear Circularity and Sustainability activities.


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