CETEC participated in the session “Cocreation objective 2027” organized by INFO

On November 29, the session “Objective Co-creation 2027” took place, an event in which the main experts, Startups, industrial companies, universities and Technological Centers of the Region of Murcia met. CETEC, of course, also participated in the session, the purpose of which was to seek “new cooperation strategies between regional actors to increase participation in European projects”.

Objective: co-creation in the Region of Murcia

The concept of co-creation implies a form of collaborative innovation that helps to share ideas, improve them and promote their growth. With this objective, the last day, which was held in the Science Park of the Region of Murcia, brought together more than a dozen entities: companies, universities and Murcian technology centres.

These are among the main beneficiary actors and instigators of innovation in the Region, through European aid. The session represents a key step in the preparation of the action plan in which the Development Institute is working in order to encourage business participation in the Region of Murcia in European Programs.

As the main agents of innovation in the plastics sector, at CETEC we participate by contributing our knowledge and sharing it with the colleagues who attended the event. With this type of session, the connection between talent is facilitated, as well as the transfer of knowledge and technologies, often intersectoral, greatly expanding the capacity to find solutions to problems that concern Europe.

This session, in itself, is a sample of the great value resident in the existing technological, scientific and business reality in Murcia. A professional context with great potential to respond to European missions and needs.

Innovation & Projects Expert

Carmen Fernández Ayuso

[email protected]

PhD in Chemical Engineering, as well as a university expert in Plastics and Rubber and in Project Management (PMI). She joined CETEC in 2008 as R&D technician having a vast experience in polymer analysis and characterisation, development of experiments, and analysis and interpretation of results. With more than 10 years of experience in R&D programmes, currently works at CETEC as an Innovation and Projects Expert, developing R&D projects for European programmes such as Horizon Europe, H2020, FP7, Erasmus+, LIFE, as well as national and regional ones.


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