CETEC participation at the Science and Technology Week of Región de Murcia (Secyt’22) in Spain

On past 23rd of October, the Science and Technology Week of Región de Murcia (Secyt22) was celebrated with more than 450 activities and the participation of 500 research scientists; in this edition, the motto is ‘It was fiction now it’s science’. CETEC was there to show their projects and to share their science with society.

In order to communicate the upPE-T project, “MAKING BIODEGRADABLE and BIO-BASED PLASTICS FROM WASTE“ was the activity organised by CETEC. The activity’s objective was to perform an EXHIBITION OF THE STAGES OF THE PHA PRODUCTION PROCESS. The production of PHAs consists of three stages: (a) Fermentation, (b) Extraction and Purification. In the fermentation process, biomass growth occurs, and PHA is synthesised and accumulated. Subsequently, the polymer is extracted and recovered from the cells, and finally, its purification is carried out. In this activity, the stages of the PHA production process that are carried out at CETEC were shown. Crops, photographs, biomass obtained, films obtained by this procedure, etc., were exhibited. The activity’s public was able to see how the different stages are carried out in the laboratory to obtain these bio-based and biodegradable plastics from waste from the agri-food industry.

Also, to communicate the A2C project, “The hidden value of waste from the agri-food sector“ activity was organised by CETEC and CTNC with the collaboration of AGROFOOD. The activity’s objective was to publicise a strategy for reusing agri-food waste from Fruits and Vegetables and multilayer plastics to deploy the circular economy in the Region of Murcia. In the activity, information panels and materials such as multilayer films, extracts of agri-food by-products, etc. were used to show the public those products with added value that are being developed to promote circularity in the agri-food sector.

In addition, during the event, the pilot course for creating a video game related to circular economy concepts was presented, and the students could participate in a Video Game Contest on Circular Economy.

Sustainability, Circularity and Footwear R&D Responsible

Fuensanta Monzó Sánchez

[email protected]

Fuensanta holds a degree in Chemical Sciences and a PhD in Industrial Technologies. She is an Expert in Plastics and Rubber. She has worked at CETEC for over 20 years as the Plastics Laboratory Responsible. Since 2016, she is the R&D Responsible related to Plastics & footwear Circularity and Sustainability activities.


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