Kanna Green, a line of responsible footwear

At CETEC we are committed to sustainability and the environment. For this reason, we support and work on the research of new solutions and more sustainable business models, not only from an environmental point of view but also from a social one, promoting original forms of consumption that integrate social responsibility as a key factor.

That is why we are proud of the LIFEKANNAGREEN project in which we collaborate. This project is coordinated by one of our associates, Capiccio S.L., which manufactures and markets footwear under the KANNA brand, in collaboration with the insertion company, CAMBIO CIRCULAR, which employs people at risk of social exclusion. LIFEKANNAGREEN aims to demonstrate that a new business model in the footwear sector, based on sustainability and social responsibility, and focused on responsible consumption, is possible.

Kanna Green, responsible boots
It is a 4-year demonstration project that began in September 2020 and will end in September 2024. This new business model is based on consumers, who, when it is time to dispose of their used footwear, can deposit it at collection points throughout Europe, to give it a second life, in line with the principles of the circular economy.

The collected shoes are collected and classified by groups at risk of social exclusion, who separate them into three well-differentiated fractions:

Reusable Fraction: Those shoes that are in good condition are sent to second-hand stores for sale. In turn, these stores employ vulnerable groups.

Repairable Fraction: That footwear that can be repaired is repaired and sold in second-hand stores or donated to various NGOs.

Recyclable Fraction: That footwear that is not reusable or repairable is disassembled and separated into different materials that are subsequently introduced to manufacture new shoe soles.

From the LIFEKANNAGREEN project, the Kanna Green line of sustainable footwear was born, based on principles of eco-design, respect for the environment and the use of recycled materials.

From the CETEC laboratory to the feet
In the CETEC footwear laboratory, we have analyzed recycled soles. To do this, elongation, breaking strength, abrasion and tear tests have been carried out, among many others, obtaining results comparable to those achieved through the exclusive use of virgin, non-recycled materials.

The final result of the shoes that make up the Kanna Green line is of excellent quality. Here you can see the CETEC girls wearing the new Kanna Green boots.

From CETEC we want to thank Capiccio for all the years of mutual collaboration and the first Kanna Green prototypes donated to the centre, which have allowed us to check their finish first-hand. We have all been delighted with the quality and comfort of this new line of sustainable and responsible footwear.

Innovation & Projects Expert

Isabel Sánchez Cuadrado

[email protected]

Isabel has a Degree in Chemical Engineering, and a Master´s Degree in Quality and Environment and she is an expert in Project Management (PMI). As a chemical engineer, she worked for more than 8 years in chemical industries. Isabel is working at CETEC since 2012, whereas an Innovation and Project Expert, she develops R&D projects for European programmes such as Horizon Europe (and the previous H2020 and FP7), LIFE, Erasmus+, as well as for National and regional ones.

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