In order to improve the capabilities of their R&D and laboratory departments, thanks to the Support Program for Technological Centers for the acquisition of scientific-technological equipment for intelligent specialization, which the Ministry of Business, Employment, University -dades and Spokesperson published in February 2022, CETEC will be able to acquire state-of-the-art technical equipment to expand the field of its developments and research actions.

This call for aid, regulated by the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia, aimed at technology centers in the Region of Murcia for the acquisition of scientific-technological equipment for smart specialization, co-financed by the European Fund for Development, they have awarded a NON-SPECIAL GRANT to the project presented by CETEC for 90% of the eligible investment or expense, amounting to 114,822.25 Euros, 80% co-financed (that is, up to 91,857.80 Euros). , for the FEDER Global Grant of which the Murcia Region Development Institute is the intermediary body.

The teams are the following:

• DSC 25 differential scanning calorimeter with automatic sampler. With this DSC, the thermal properties of the biodegradable polymers obtained by the CETEC R&D department will be studied.

• Update of the FT-IR Spectrophotometer with a high resolution image capture system. This update will allow studying the crystallization of biodegradable polymers from an optical point of view.

• ICV4030 milling machine to obtain specimens by mechanical means.

• Vacuum oven and vacuum pump to improve biodegradable plastic production processes.

• Impact test pendulum “Charpy-Izod”.

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