In recent years, in order to meet new consumer demands, there has been a great commercial development of all kinds of pre-cooked foods, prepared for whole and direct consumption prepared using sustainable techniques and physical methods, washed, disinfected, kept refrigerated, and generally packaged in modified atmosphere ( EAM) in a plastic film, with the sensory and nutritional properties of the original product, and with guaranteed quality and safety.

Pre-cooked or convenience foods are experiencing one of the highest growth rates in the global food industry to meet this demand and new purchasing habits at a reasonable cost. On the other hand, traditional foods that are stable at room temperature or second range demand new packaging solutions that are more environmentally sustainable and reduce their water and carbon footprint. This work focuses on the study and development of biodegradable plastic films valid for packaging processed foods stable at room temperature, focusing on pickles as a very important sector in the Region of Murcia and on ready-to-eat foods stored under refrigeration (V Range), a sector that is growing and gaining much importance in the business fabric of the Region.

Reference project 2020.08.CT01.0028, grant awarded 68.908€ with co-financing of up to 80% (55.126€), coming from the FEDER global subvention.

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