HALOBIO’s objective is to investigate biotransformation processes of PE, PP and PET plastic waste into high-value products for industry through bioassimilation by halophilic archaea. Routes of modification and pretreatment of plastic waste will be investigated to increase their affinity with halophilic archaea and optimize the biotransformation process. As a result of the biotransformation, PHBV-type bioplastics (one of the most promising bioplastics), C50 carotenoids (with excellent antioxidant properties, and therefore great potential in the cosmetic sector) and high-viscosity polysaccharides (of interest to the food industry) will be obtained. , pharmaceutical and nutraceutical as a thickener, gelling agent or stabilizer).

Reference project 2021.0008.CT01.0018, €119,699 grant awarded with co-financing of up to 80% (€95,759), from the FEDER global grant

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